I have a Degree in Paralegal Studies. I also have a ‘degree’ in Hard Knocks from getting as old as this without too much extraneous damage, too much being the operative part. I am a trained proofreader and an experienced copy-editor. I worked at American Bank Note in Horsham, PA for eight years, during which time I checked travelers checks for flaws and printing errors, did data entry, then took a test and became a proofreader in training. When I left this job (we moved) I was a journey-person in the proofreading department. I read manuscripts, stocks and bonds, foreign currency and lithographic plates for errors before and after the print. I now work full-time as a Litigation Paralegal in Family Law and Domestic Violence, and have for the past 14 years. 

I began reading at an early age. I read an average of 20 books a week in my spare time, and I have a real enduring passion for the written word. I proofread and copy-edit on the side. I will read your manuscript, the one you slaved and wept and bled over, and polish it before you release it to the publisher. I have been offering my services for a few years now because of my firm belief that no book should go to the publisher unedited

I started sending reviews to authors whose books I enjoyed except for some spelling, tense maladjustment or grammatical mistakes, figuring a review with an explanation was better than without, and to my surprise some of those authors asked me to show them the errors I found.

I am a published author myself, so I understand the leap of faith that writing takes.

Proofreading, Copy-Editing and Beta Reads


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