–Services provided–


For both Proofreading and Copy-Editing I will read the first 500 words for free. This lets you see how I work, and acquaints me with your writing style. If you are happy with the sample and the turnaround rate, the rest of your project would be subject to the following fees:


Proofreading includes my looking for and correcting misspelled words, typos, and punctuation. I also check for continuity, and make sure that your story tracks. My fee for proofreading is .003/word or $30.00 per 10,000 words.


Copy-editing is more intense. I check for sentence structure, unclear passages, jumbled tenses, timeline issues, redundancies, and other extraneous stuff-like overuse of the same word in a section.

Notes- I have a tendency to offer recommendations about places I may find your work to be unclear. All my notes are only suggestions, nothing is written in stone. Your work remains your work.

I try to bring the focus of your work to a clearer, sharper read.
My fee for copy-editing is .004/word, or $40.00 per 10,000 words.

If you hire me for a copy-edit, I will actually do two complete reads. The first one will be like a Beta read, then the second read will be a more intense read, the copy-edit, during which I will also proofread. However, if you like my work and are planning a bigger project or even a series, I will negotiate the price to get more work.

I feature a quick turn-around, typically a work of 90,000 words will be done in a week to ten days for a full copy-edit, for a proofread alone figure a week.

I prefer to be paid half the fee via Paypal, before I start work (after the 500 free words, of course) and half upon completion, when I send it back to you. After you go over it if you make corrections and want it read over again, like an additional Beta, I will do it for free. However, if you make significant changes or add more text, there will be additional charges.


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